nanny salary

Live-Out Nannies & Housekeepers: Most candidates we place for live-out nanny and housekeeper positions have at least 2-3 years of professional experience and great references, and usually expect to earn at least $18/hour in take-home pay, or more depending on skills, experience, duties, and the number and age of children cared for. A family with two young children, for instance, may have $20/hour minimum for some experienced nannies..

Live-In Nannies & Housekeepers: Salaries for live-in nannies are often calculated on a weekly rather than hourly basis. We recommend budgeting at least $800/week take-home pay for live-in nannies, more if they are highly skilled or experienced, or have demanding responsibilities, such as caring for two or more young children in the household.

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  1. Number and Age of Kids - Does your household have multiple children. Are they infants, toddlers or school age?
  2. Expected Duties - Will your nanny be cooking, cleaning and doing laundry for the  whole family, not just the kids?
  3. Specific Skills & Experience - Are you looking for a nanny with 3+ years experience, a driver license, or special needs experience?


A full-time nanny should be paid every week of the year (i.e. paid even if you take a family trip and don't require her services that week).

If you pay your nanny "on the books", which is suggested, expect approximately an additional 8.6% increase in your annual costs to cover your half of FICA (Medicare and Social Security) taxes as well as FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax).

This may come out to approximately $2,800 - $4,500 more per year depending on nanny salary.

TIP: when setting your salary, remember to leave a "cushion" so you'll feel okay giving a merit-based increase after a year of service if you feel it's deserved. 

Also consider budgeting an end-of-year bonus for a high-performing nanny (usually 1 week pay).


Consider these common benefits when crafting your Job Description and later your Family/Nanny Work Agreement.

  • 10-15 Days Paid Time Off - PTO includes vacation days, personal and sick days. Some families allow the nanny to choose all of her vacation days while other families allow the nanny to pick one week while they pick the other.
  • National Holidays - New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day
  • Guaranteed Pay 52 Weeks a Year - Nanny is paid even when the family goes on vacation. 
  • Stipend for Overnight Stays - consider $50-$100 more per shift if an overnight stay is required.
  • Paid Overtime - NY State Law requires domestic caregivers earn time-and-a-half when working more than 40 hours per week (live-out) or 44 hours per week (live-in).
  • Transportation Costs - Monthly MetroCard or train pass for full-time caregivers. Cab/Uber fare for shifts ending at 9pm or later.
  • Holiday Bonus - Give your caregiver the equivalent of one week's pay at holiday time if you are satisfied with her services
  • Annual Raise - A merit-based $1/hour raise on the one-year anniversary with your family

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