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This company is UNBELIEVABLE: the help is willing, able, helpful, kind and generally fabulous.
— Julie H. (New York, NY)

Tibetan Care™ is a fully licensed, bonded and insured nanny agency serving the New York area. We are the region's most reliable resource for skilled nannies, housekeepers and adult home companions.

Our service is designed to find your family the most experienced, qualified and gentlest caregiver, thoroughly safety-trained and ready to support your family. Here's a step-by-step explanation of how we help you hire a nanny.

Amazing care to find me the perfect nanny and housekeeper for my needs. Pema was kind, warm, respectful and very thorough with her search for the perfect individual who would fit our family in a very short period of time. She sent me excellent references to choose from who turned out to be great fits. Thank you for such a wonderful service and impeccable follow up. You have created a great agency from which many moms and people in need will benefit. Truly soft gentle individuals!
— Roopakshi M. (New York, NY)
I was so happy when a friend recommended Tibetan Care. I had several experiences with baby nurses and none of them were positive. However, as soon as I spoke to Pema, I knew I would be in good hands. The baby nurse she recommended was warm, caring and left a small footprint in our home. Her peaceful nature transformed a stressful time into an incredible one. I can’t thank Tibetan Care enough! I only wish I had found this agency earlier!
— Susan S. (Charlottesville, VA)
I needed a reliable sitter for my baby during a recent business trip to New York. Tibetan Care had the perfect nanny at exactly the hours I needed. I highly recommend them!”
— Meghan W. (Cleveland, OH)

In-Person Candidate Interviews

Every candidate is interviewed at least twice, usually first on the phone and then in person. Candidates are evaluated based on their experience, safety skills and temperament. Nannies must be gentle, compassionate and patient as well as experienced, skilled and open to continuing professional education.

Professional Training

All Tibetan Care nannies receive several hours of professional education via a blended model of in-person training and online certificate courses.

We continue providing our caregivers with useful information and optional weekend seminars long after they are placed in homes.

Reference Check

Tibetan Care accepts candidates with a minimum of two work references that can be verified by our agency. Did your nanny communicate well? Did she show interest and initiative? Where was she strongest and what were her growing edges? Why did she leave? We ask these and several other questions to previous employers and, because we are a Tibetan owned and operated agency, we are able to learn about the nanny from her own friends, relatives and acquaintances. This gives us a 360-degree view of each nanny's skills and personality.


All background checks are conducted by Tibetan Care and included in the cost of the placement fee. We understand that nannies and home companions provide a highly personal service and we make sure all of our caregivers are thoroughly screened.

Work Agreement Support

The Family-Caregiver Work Agreement should be as comprehensive as possible. It's important for both parties to agree early on exactly what the nanny's responsibilities are and at what reimbursement level. It's always possible to amend the work agreement later on, but having clear "rules of the road" at the beginning will help ensure the best possible relationship.

Advice on NANNY SALARY, Payroll & Tax Issues

Nanny pay varies depending on many factors: experience and skill of the nanny, number and age of children, and expected duties in the household to name a few. Tibetan Care works closely with families to help determine a mutually acceptable wage.

Although each family manages payment independently, Tibetan Care encourages all clients to reimburse their nanny or adult home companion "over the table". This will have positive impact on the nanny (e.g. helping her establish credit and become eligible for unemployment insurance and Social Security) and may benefit the family's own tax position. 

Regular Follow-Up With Family and Caregiver

Unlike other nanny agencies, Tibetan Care follows up and continues professional education with our nannies long after they're placed in homes. We provide them with important safety reminders, recipes, ideas for activities and more throughout the year.



CALL 646-599-2645

The nanny recruitment process

Here's how the process works, step-by-step. Most of our client engagements follow this pattern:


When you first call we'll ask you several questions to help us better understand your needs.You can answer many of these same questions on our online questionnaire.

The majority of our experienced caregivers are looking for:

  • reimbursement of $18/hour
  • overtime paid past 40 hours per week
  • 10 paid time off (PTO) days annually plus major public holidays


Once you're ready to proceed, we'll ask you to sign and email back our Client-Agency Agreement form. 

Shortly after that, we'll send you a tailored Job Description and several brief Caregiver Profiles on candidates we've selected for you. Every nanny will be compassionate, qualified and ready to work at reasonable rates. 


After reviewing the profiles, we'll help you arrange interviews with the most promising candidates. We'll set times that work for your schedule, possibly scheduling multiple interviews in one day if convenient. 


We screen, interview and begin safety training and reference checks on nannies early on. However, once you have selected a final candidate we may need five business days to finalize their professional reference and criminal background checks. First Aid/CPR training is typically completed within the first month of service if not sooner.


Now that the interviews are behind you and you've found the perfect nanny, the next, and very important, step is to iron out a work agreement that works for you and your new caregiver.

This document includes specifics on your nanny's duties, her salary, work hours, paid time off (PTO) days, and more.

The more clearly defined this agreement is the fewer misunderstandings are likely to happen down the road.

Don't worry, we'll discuss each aspect of this document with you when the time comes. Moreover, you and your nanny can always revise the agreement.


Once your nanny has begun working in your home, we'll check in periodically with her and with you to make sure everything's going well. We are in a perfect position to help solve any misunderstandings that may pop up early on, so please call when you need us.


By the end of her first month of service (if not much sooner), your nanny will  have completed a Red Cross Infant First Aid/CPR training course.

Throughout the year we will also send your nanny safety reminders, activity ideas, recipes and more.